We Empower Parents With Tools to Raise Responsible, Well-Behaved, and Confident Kids.

So they can help their kids thrive while enjoying a peaceful, close, and loving relationship.


We help parents...

Improve their Child's Behavior

How to get your kids to behave and cooperate without power struggles, yelling, threats, or endless reminders

Empower their kids

How to empower kids to make better decisions, and how to help them develop their critical thinking and emotional intelligence

Raise Leaders

How to help your child become responsible, independent, and confident


Our Origin and Mission

Hi, I’m Sergio, founder of Leader Parents. I've worked with kids and parents for over 30 years. I began my career as a martial arts instructor and teacher, and quickly found my passion for helping kids build their character, mental toughness, and confidence.

During that time I developed "tools" to get any kid to listen and cooperate with me - no matter how challenging they were... I went on to create many award-winning child development programs, including a special program for at-risk youth, where I helped kids going down a bad path to turn their lives around.

Around this time parents of my students began asking me for help on how they could get more cooperation from their kids.

So I began modifying my teaching programs in a way where it would be easy for parents to do at home. Right away, we saw amazing results and I've been working with parents ever since.

I knew that by empowering parents with these tools that we could make an even larger impact on the next generation.

I created Leader Parents with the mission of helping parents to first build cooperation, and second to help their kids become mentally strong.

As a father of two sons, I understand parents have enough on their plate as it is, so I try to make everything as simple and quick for you as I can.

Welcome to Leader Parents!


Become a Leader Parent in 3 Steps


Learn how your child's brain is wired so you can communicate in a way that inspires cooperation, instead of resistance.


Learn ways to have the strongest connection possible and how to avoid simple things that hurt connection


Learn how to not only inspire good behavior, but how to enforce limits without losing connection, and how to empower them to be more responsible, independent, and confident


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